SUMIDA’s New Drive for Electromobility

Over the next decade, the world will see a significant shift from traditional combustion engines to electric and hybrid vehicles. However, the success and acceptance of electromobility will also depend on the range of the vehicle.

To achieve higher efficiency in electric motors, a rotor position sensor called RPS is needed. This helps to determine the exact position of the rotor.

This information is essential for the control and regulation of the system as it allows the power supply to the motor to be optimized.

Provided Solutions


Our product portfolio includes four different RPS. Thus, the sensor can be positioned at a suitable position on the engine. In product technology and development, SUMIDA clearly focuses on issues such as small size, high efficiency, and robustness.

Due to SUMIDA’s in-house development, the sensors can be adapted to the customer in terms of size, number of pole pairs or plug connections.


The temperature range is between -40 and 150°C SUMIDA's technology offers high accurate sensor signals.

In addition to product development and validation, SUMIDA's range of services includes rapid prototyping and intensive customer support during the project phase, as well as cost- and quality-optimized series production through to EOL support (cradle to grave).


Based on the global SUMIDA production network, products can be manufactured in Asia, Europe and North America, offering customers a high degree of flexibility and security of supply.

Development and customer-specific applications are carried out close to the customer in one of SUMIDA's global development centers in Asia, Europe or North America.

Here, prototypes, samples and pre-series parts can be realised quickly to ensure optimum support for our customers with new projects.

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